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Drill easier, faster, safer and better with DrillEver.

Product Information

DrillEver works; made right in USA. Currently being “ripped off” by the following toolmakers, worldwide:







(and others)

Visit Home Depot and Lowes, you will find seven versions of DrillEvers on sale there. They masquerade as “crowbars” with extra functionality, being specifically a non-slip rubber coating down their length and a sharp point on one end. Those features comprise MAKER TOOLS’ patented technology. Do you think these tool makers did not research patents before making their own? Right. Of course they did. They just crushed the “little guy”, per recommendations of their “legal counsel”.

Look at every hand-held power drill sold. Does it have rubber molded or bolted on the back end of the drill? If so, it is in violation of MAKER TOOLS’ DrillEver patent.

Do you own one of these levers/crowbars? If so, you can thank me if you have not slipped while using it as a lever. You are welcome;)

In 2000, I contacted all power drill manufacturers with a video on VF tape and Provisional Patent application, with drawings and specifications of the patent application.

The video presented factually that construction workers use crowbars and two by fours to apply leverage to the back of power drills, to apply force to drill holes, especially in wood for electrical wires and plumbing pipes. No responses were received, except from President of Ridgid Tools. He thanked me for my submission, but regretted to say their newly signed license agreements for manufacture prohibited Ridgid from making any hand held power drills, for two years.

Patent issued in December, 2001. First to violate this intellectual property was DeWalt in 2002. Six months later, Black&Decker produced a power drill looking exactly like my drawings in Provisional Patent Application.

Ridgid then in 2006(?) introduced a line of seven power drills, all with rubber bolted on back of the drills, per my patent specification and claims, named as “adapter” for levers on back of drills.

We are open to an experienced patent litigator to take up these several cases, in or out of court.

See it in action at:





We use special paper made from “plantation-grown, environmentally responsible” tree farms to make our planes

They’re also Bio-degradably responsible as well; after many great flights, great fun, learning principles of flight while getting exercise, they will eventually return to earth in an “ok” way. Again, in an environmentally friendy way.

These are our SUPER-AFFORDABLE planes; for ALL kids, everywhere, rich and poor. Everybody. Perfect for classrooms, where not every kid is as “into” the class as the next kid; I guarantee they’ll ALL enjoy their time flying their own plane, and seeing their friends fly theirs. These are memories they’ll always have. All from the ethereal moments of flight, of a paper airplane.

Click the button below to learn some of the differences, including financial.


Paper Tyger is BOTH plastic AND paper. They look and feel the same; only when you try to tear it, it WON’T tear!

Paper Tyger is made for maps and documents that will be exposed to weather and tough handling; in and out of pockets, like a pocket plane…so PERFECT for  Pocket Panes!

It’s very expensive; like about fifty times the cost of normal paper.

Naturally; if we want our fun snd great flying planes durable; and it costs more; we pay the extra cost. Don’t we? Sure, we do. It’s worth it.



Plastic (Acetate)

Plastic today is durable. Not when I was a kid, but today it is. Clear, silvered, even colored; our plastic planes are dureble and in some ways, better flying; especially in winds near water, outdoors.

Handling plastic, printing on it; forming it is all more difficult, more costly then paper. But, again; can be worth the cost. A plane you can carry with you everywhere you go, never worry about moistuire, weather, environment you wanna fly it in, well, there’s no way to put a price on that, is there?

Besides; they LOOK cool..)


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